What Is Abandoned?

Abandoned_LogoCOLORSPLITAbandonedis a psychological suspense adventure game where you can explore your character Bruce Alvaro. You are in search for your brother Dom in a forgotten asylum-institution. You and your brother trained for a secret branch of the government called the Agency since you were children. Be dragged into the emotional deep story and unique gameplay; take control of inmates by possessing them as a ghost accessing new areas, upgrade weapons from items found in the environment making them more deadly, and more! Key Features we are building to:• 4-6 Hour Campaign • Survival RPG Hybrid Genre • Possess & Control your enemies! • Physics-based Animation. • Modify your weapons making them more powerful & epic • Hours of Quality Voice-Acting + Story Cutscenes • Trade Items with inmate dealers or kill them taking their stuff (This will warn other potential dealers). • Throughout the game your reputation will increase and other inmates will talk about you in dynamic conversations!



The game will be available for Windows, Mac, & Linux! Help make this project happen here!


We will be providing monthly updates on the games progress constantly so make sure to follow us on social media platforms!

Press Kit

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